Peter Holzhauer, MD

Peter Holzhauer, MD
Peter Holzhauer, MD

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Naturopathy, Special Diagnostic and Treatment Methods: Complementary Medicine

Dr. Peter Holzhauer is a specialist in internal medicine and naturopathy. From 1991 to mid-2011, Dr. Holzhauer served as chief physician and medical director of the Veramed Clinic in Brannenburg, a specialist clinic for the medical treatment of cancer. Since August 2011, Dr. Holzhauer is chief physician in Internal Medicine II, Division of Oncology and Complementary Medicine at Bad Trissl Medical Centre in Oberaudorf.

He studied medicine at the University of Göttingen and received his specialist training at various hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

His professional activity has focused on the integration of supportive complementary medical treatments and conventional oncological therapies. He has worked on fatigue syndrome in cancer patients and the management of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

He has also placed particular emphasis on modern nutrition and micronutrient-based therapy. 

Dr. Holzhauer is the editor of the German Journal of Oncology (DZO) and regularly publishes articles on current topics concerning complementary medicine.

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