Gynecological Surgery

All surgical procedures are performed at the neighboring ISAR Klinikum. The ISAR Klinikum has all the modern medical equipment and a large intensive care unit.

Procedures Performed

Minor operations

  • Hysteroscopy (uterine endoscopy)

  • Curettage
  • Conization (removal of tissue from the cervix)

Minimally-invasive endoscopic procedures

  • Tubal ligation
  • Removal of ectopic pregnancies
  • Removal of ovarian cysts
  • Ovary removal

  • Removal of adhesions
  • Myomectomy (enucleation of uterine node)
  • Endometriosis removal
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy

Vaginal surgeries

  • Vaginal hysterectomy with and without ovaries
  • Amreich/Richter vaginal prolapse procedures 

  • Anterior and posterior colporrhaphy
  • Colpoperineoplasty

Incontinence surgery

  • TVT / TVT-O band insertion

General gynecological procedures

  • Abdominal hysterectomy with and without ovaries
  • Milk duct removal (in secreting nipples)
  • Removal of fibroadenomas and other benign breast changes

Operations of malignancies of the female genitalia

  • Endometrial carcinoma (uterine cancer)
  • Cervical carcinoma
  • Ovarian carcinoma
  • Vulvar/vaginal carcinomas (cancer of the external genitalia of the woman)

Surgical treatment of malignant diseases of the breast, including plastic reconstructive procedures

  • Breast-preserving cancer treatments
  • Sentinel lymph node excision
  • Conventional axillary lymph node dissection, if necessary
  • Modified radical mastectomy (removal of breast tissue and pectoral fascia)
  • Breast reconstruction using expander insert and silicon gel prosthesis
  • Breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flap procedure
  • Breast reductions
  • Nipple reconstruction