Skin Cancer Screening with Computerized Documentation

Dermatoscopic examination
Dermatoscopic examination

Today, skin cancers are the fastest growing category of cancers. In Germany alone, more than 120,000 people are diagnosed annually. While basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are often cured by various surgical and non-surgical treatments, this is not always the case for melanomas, especially in advanced stages.

This is why skin cancer screening is so important. We take the time to examine your skin in detail and give appropriate advice. This includes:

  • Physical examination of the entire skin including mucous membranes and the scalp
  • Determining your skin type and sensitivity to the sun
  • Dermatoscopic examination
  • Computerized video documentation and analysis of pigment spots with FotoFinder
  • Computer-aided multispectral digital analysis (MelaFind®) for the assessment of atypical melanocytic skin lesions
  • Three-dimensional spectral analysis (so called "optical biopsy")
  • Skin ultrasounds for suspicious pigmented moles
  • Advice on the best sunscreen suited to your skin type